Matching texture

Drywall Repair

Drywall Repair

Matching texture

Latest texture technology!


Accidents happen and dry wall is very unforgiving, so we now offer the highest quality drywall repair. Let us help, from nicks or scrapes, to a hole in the wall. Worthington’s Painting is here for you.

We can also match texture from small orange peel to knock down. No one can match 100% because of mud consistency, air pressure and different machinery but we can get really close.

Worthington’s Painting is committed to excellence, so we have purchased the latest texture technology. Not only is this rig versatile in settings, but compact and clean. Most cheap texture hoppers are messy and add unavoidable risk for accidents because mud is poured into the open top style. These hoppers also are known for dripping, but not this Laco texture gun (drywall repair machine). The gun safely stores mud in a plastic jar that tightly screws under the tip for extra security. This gun also has plenty of pressure to ensure mud ends up on the wall where its supposed to, and not all over the place.



Orange Peel

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In the photo to the right, you can see the light reflecting off the wall. The tiny bumps on the wall are whats known as orange peel. This finish is popular in Central Florida. The texture is done for decorative purposes, but also is used to hide imperfections, especially when using sheened paints such as satin or eggshell. When repairing a spot on a surface like this, the area is skimmed with mud, sanded, mopped, and then requires the texture to be matched. After skimming, if you do not apply texture you will have a big flat spot. If done wrong, you will be living with an eye sore that flashes every time you walk by. With our mobile drywall repair unit, we are more than capable of performing your drywall repair today!


Knock Down

Knock down texture

Knock down ceiling

Above is a picture of a ceiling with knock down texture. Knock down, unlike orange peel, consists of larger mounds of mud and splatter. The process is done by shooting the texture from a texture rig, and after it sits for a few minutes, but before it dries, it is skimmed or “knocked down” with a large plastic flat edge. This is the most difficult texture to match. Only sophisticated guns can get close to matching, due to the uniqueness of knock down texture.

I hope this was helpful.

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