Water Stained Ceiling Apopka

Kilz oil base primer

Water Stained Ceiling Apopka

Water Stained Ceiling Apopka

Heavy stains and water stained ceilings ” in Apopka” will always be difficult for painters to deal with. Typically when someone smokes in a house everything turns yellow from tar. Priming cigarette stains will have to be done. Water stains from a roof leak or popcorn removal will have to be properly primed. A small kitchen fire will have to be primed.

Water stains

Water stains can happen in a home for many different scenarios. For example, from a simple roof leak. For a simple isolated roof leak i would use kilz original in a spray can. As long as there is no damage to popcorn/knockdown just spray affected area with kilz and touch up. Keep in mind you will only be able to touch up walls/ceiling if you have the exact paint.

Other forms of water stains could have come from floods, washer machine, toilet etc…

Another unforeseen is if you have your popcorn ceiling removed. The process is to spray water on the ceiling to remove the popcorn. If the popcorn removal company starts having trouble with the removal process they will add more water. Drywall has a cardboard backing and when that gets wet it causes tannin stains. After the company is done you will be able to see what looks like a checker board on the ceiling. The yellow stains will not effect the existing mud. So basically the original mud joints/screw holes will be white. Everything in between will turn yellow including new knock down texture that lands on raw drywall in between old mud joints.

If the water runs down the walls after being stained by the ceiling it will actually stain the walls as well. Most popcorn removal companies use plastic to protect walls and floor. However, if your removing flooring due to a remodel they will skip the plastic and leave your walls wide open for this issue. Even after painting 2 coats of premium interior latex paint on the walls, the vertical treads still come through. For more severe situations you will have to use oil based. It just depends on the severity of the situation or stain and what your willing to live with.

Cigarette stains

I wouldn’t even try a latex product. I would use oil based primer on the whole house. Then repaint.

Fire damage

I would use kilz oil based primer in this situation as well.

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