Worthington’s Painting offers a 7 year warranty on all exterior paint jobs in addition to manufacturers warranty. It is going to warrant against peeling, cracking and blistering. An example of a labor warranty certificate is below. Keep in mind this is just an example draft and they are subject to revisions. You will recieve an actual revised copy at time of estimate.


7 Year Labor Warranty

Worthington’s Painting warrants all labor on said property for a period of 7 years. We warranty the products used on the property will not peel, crack or blister due to improper application. The manufacturers warranty of at least 25 years protects against compromised products that fail due to manufacturer defect.

David Worthington

“Worthington’s Painting delivers the best exterior paint jobs on the market at an affordable price. We also offer an industry leading labor warranty. Give us a call for free expert advice, whether you are a former client, potential customer, or just trying to do it yourself.”

- David Worthington

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