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Local House Painter Near Me

House Painters Near Me

Worthington’s Painting is not your average Local House painter as a result we are currently #1 and maintain a 5 out of 5-star rating on google leading all other House painters. We are a full-service exterior House Painter located in Central Florida.

All of our clients received a free color consultation with a certified decorator therefore with every paint job we perform expect more. We want to make sure you are confident in your color selections because once the paint is ordered and tented it’s non-refundable. Your satisfaction is our #1 Goal.

We will also assist in any way we can with your HOA approval consequently we are definitely not your average house painter.

Quality materials and preparation

House Painters Near Me

Worthington’s Painting only uses the highest quality materials. This is why we only guarantee Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore products. While most house painter companies roam from job to job, we are busy building a reputable name 1 job at a time. We want your home to be protected against Florida’s harsh conditions. We want your paint job to last.

All of our exterior paint jobs start with trenching around the substate. This is done so that we can paint below the ground. Over time some homes can loose soil due to erosion leaving unpainted walls revealed. A thorough pressure washing is next. We need to remove dirt, heavy chalk, and loose paint.

After that, we will mask windows, lights, screen enclosures, etc… to prevent overspray. If your house is chalking it will be sealed. Sealing a chalky surface is a must and that’s why it’s next on our house painter scope. Depending on the extent of surface degradation you will need a conditioner, masonry sealer, and or masonry primer/sealer.

Metal corner bead that’s rusting through will be primed with a rust-inhibiting primer. Stucco cracks will be fixed next. We use a textured brush grade or smooth (depending on the existing texture of the stucco) brush grade elastomeric to patch stucco cracks. All non-stucco cracks and holes will be calked. After that long list of prep, we’re ready for paint.

Sheen or no sheen

There are a few different sheen options as far as your exterior paint job is concerned. Flat is the first one we will discuss. Flat paint will not shine or reflect light. This means if your exterior surface has lots of flaws flat paint will make it look the best. When there are variations in stucco texture it will flash in the sunlight if you have painted with shined paint. That is the upside to using flat paint. Now for the downside, flat paint isn’t hydrophobic. This simply means it will absorb moisture and is more prone to staining.

The second sheen is Matte. Matte is the best of both worlds. It’s slightly more hydrophobic than flat but yet still doesn’t reflect a ton of light. With a matte finish, you get the protection of satin with a less reflective finish.

Third, will be a Low Lustre. It’s an excellent choice and reminds me of a lot of eggshell paint.

Finally, there is the satin. If your home is flawless or your just looking to get the longest, stain-resistant life out of your paint. I would recommend a satin finish. This finish achieves superhydrophobic properties which allow water to hit the home and slide right down with very little absorption. This means the transfer of dirt for the stains to set in is nearly impossible. Also, it will be a bit harder for insects to attach their nests to it.

Don’t trust one of your biggest investments to a fly-by-night house painter or a guy behind the counter at a retail store.

Our services include:

• House painting services
• Exterior house painting
• Exterior house painting services
• House painter Near me
• Pressure Washing
• Pressure Washing near me
• Power Washing
• Power washing Near me
• House Painters

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